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We are a custom software development and technical consulting company whose purpose is to enable your organization to integrate its people and business processes with technology as effectively and efficiently as possible.  So how are we different than other companies that provide similar services?  Our logo says it all:  It's not about solutions, it's about empowerment.

We don't offer preconceived solutions that your problems must be made to fit.  We empower you to solve your own problems through careful planning and the development of systems custom designed to meet your specific needs.  We don't have a sales staff whose primary purpose is to convince you to purchase as many of our products and services as possible and who don't fully understand what the capabilities and limitations of the relevant technologies are.  Our consultants are highly experienced, highly certified software designers who fully understand the capabilities and limits of various technologies and can help you determine the most effective way to use technology in your organization.  Our sales staff only identifies and contacts organizations that might benefit from our services and then sets up the appointments for our consultants.

At Meister Corporation, we're happy to help you solve a specific problem if that is all you need, but what really distinguishes us from many other companies that provide similar services is:

  • Our primary purpose is to help you empower your organization, not to maximize our sales.  If we don't think we can provide what you need we'll say so.  We'll even suggest companies or people that can help if we know of any with the necessary expertise.
  • We have the ability to work with you to look past the immediate problem and envision what you would like your software systems and related business processes to be.  A clearly defined goal and proper planning are essential to keeping costs in line and delivery on time.  See our Planning and Design page for details on how we do this.
  • Our software developers are all Microsoft certified.  While we often need to integrate systems from multiple vendors for our clients (i.e. Oracle databases, third party accounting systems, etc...) we have found that when it comes to developing custom applications and processes, Microsoft tools and software provide a more cost effective combination of power, security, ease of use, and maintainability than the tools and software provided by other vendors - even open source software.  See our Technology System Development page for details on the specific tools and technologies in which our staff have expertise.
  • We understand security and the other factors and trade-offs involved in designing a technology system better than most other technical consulting firms.  Whether you need a data driven web site, an enterprise class custom application, or a sophisticated business intelligence system you can be sure that security, performance, and other critical factors will be properly balanced according to the priorities you set and built into the design from the beginning - not added as an afterthought.
  • Our rates are very competitive considering the capabilities of our staff.  Most companies with similarly qualified staff charge more for their services.  Most companies that charge similar or lower amounts than we do have more junior level staff.  For more information on our rates see our Pricing page.

On this site you will find useful information on the techniques we use in our planning, design, and development process along with information about the services we offer.  We hope that they will be useful to your internal staff.  You can read the pages of this site in a logical sequence by viewing them in the order they are displayed on the navigation bar at left.  You can also use the navigation bar or links contained within specific pages to view specific topics you are interested in.

If you have questions about any of the information on this site or the services we offer please contact us.  Even if you don't need our services on a formal basis please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.  We are happy to provide advice or help in any way we can at no charge or obligation, within our time constraints.